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Lowkey – Terrorist?

5 Jun

Lowkey – Terrorist?

Lowkey is a political activist, student, public speaker and an outstanding rapper. Recently however he announced his retirement from the music industry in order to focus on his studies. Prior to this announcement, Lowkey collaborated with Immortal Technique on the album “Soundtrack to the Struggle”. Check out his work on his MySpace page

He has an immense back catalogue of music worth taking the time to listen to, charting his progression from a young, aspiring rapper to a mature, politically motivated, bonafied hip hop artist.

His track “Terrorist?” acts you to take a step back from the bias and propaganda which is all so often impossible to avoid in the modern world, and to consider today’s wars, imperialist struggles and terrorist attacks from a subjective standpoint. And all while killing it with the syllables!

So, we must ask ourselves, what is the dictionary definition of Terrorism?

“The systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion.”

But what is terror?
According to the dictionary I hold in my hand,
“Terror is violent or destructive acts, such as bombing
committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands.”

So what’s a terrorist?
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Sleaze & Sonnyjim – What Up Now

23 May

Sleaze & Sonnyjim – What Up Now

You may have guessed by now that we’re a bit of  a fan of SJ here at Well, there’s good reason for that, Everything he touches bangs! This little gem is taken from Sleaze & Sonnyjim’s 2011 collaboration E.P. “Work In Mnemonics”. It’s generously priced at 2.60 GBP over at BandCamp ( Check out the Intro track “Keltro” while you’re over there. We dare you to not go mental! Enjoy the lyrics below, if you don’t understand some of the words/meanings, hit us up in the comments. Peace!


Yo! Munch on tofu,

Meditating on the book of ?,

Most MCs spitting on the face of it like mutton chops,

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Contact Play – Falling Innit

23 May

Ever interested to see how Jam Baxter would take a failing relationship? Read below to find out.

Fuck it

So this is love
And I wish I’d never fallen in it
Wish I’d never bought my ticket into getting more committed
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Contact Play – Little Pissed Off

23 May

One of the two Contact Play oldies from times long past that I will be posting tonight. This one features Dike doing what he does best. Don’t know how you can not love this!

I’m a little pissed off, and a little bit cross
At the shit that we live in with a bitter twist, lost
With ridiculous costs when you live in pig troughs
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Prose (Steady & Efeks) (Feat. Oliver Sudden) – Welcome To The Abbattoir

20 May

Prose (Steady & Efeks) (Feat. Oliver Sudden) – Welcome To The Abbattoir

Never heard of Prose? Hibernation. Time to wake up-. Specialists in that boom bap rap, Steady & Efeks have long been tearing up stages as well as my speakers. This is Track 20 (that’s right… 20!) of their latest offering “The Dark Side Of The Boom” – a 21-track LP that packs punches at every turn. This track has particularly tight lyrics and I DARE you not to nod your head to the beat. Chorus is heavy and catchy. Enjoy!

Cop the LP here (some great deals on multi-CD purchases):

^^Lots of free goodies there too.


Fe-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a fraudulent one,
Only gun you drawn is with a pad and a pencil,
I’m top 5 bredder; we’re live, quintessential,
You’re inconsequential, on instrumentals,
You lied – only record that you hold is dental,
I rap with miraculous force,
With fangs drawn from Dracula’s jaws,
Couldn’t bite my vernacular,
I’m spectacular jacking with a spatula,
Backhand slap giver,
Action bat figure,
You ain’t killers blood,
I hang with tarantulas,
Silver-back ?,
And orangutan slang spitters,
Vietnang in this concrete jungle,
Gorilla/guerilla warfare; I got the art from Sun Tzu,
The ever-flowing entity, I blow eventually,
Grow exponentially, till the Lord sends for me.


Fe-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a fraudulent one,
Welcome to the abattoir; fakes get bunned,
You could lose your lifeline by a slip of the tongue.


We repping it correct, getting messy on the set,
? I’m jamming with Steady & Efeks,
Bury any heads that are jealous of the flex,
Leave them trembling, remembering to never step again,
Prose on the track, boom to the bap,
To the future and back, few will attack,
Don’t try it! We get the honeys screaming out loud like Rocco,
We OGs smashing up the city like Robbo,
Ferocious quotes, corrosive to the unfocused,
Plague and hocus, grazing on the hopeless,
We all city and the real heads are all with me,
Walk with me, you’ll learn the Lords are adoring me,
Born to be, storming free, whack rappers abort the scene,
Forgery, frauds are weak,
So don’t step to the Prose and O Suds,
You get munched quicker than dirty pigs’ dough buns.



A hundred bars I’m spitting,
In the stars like Nas has written,
I’ll be jumpstart, this art, my spark,
Scar your vision, eliminate the dark; my mission,
Your pop is looking puzzled while the part is missing,
All the class is missing,
I’m betting that your pad’s blank,
They rap wank, chat back, you get ransacked,
There’s no chance, the flow’s large, we go hard,
? get burnt up like old grass,
This is MC Murder, with every verse I disperse,
A chainsaw, burst in the dome,
Making your brain poor,
You’re in my abattoir, regretting what you came for,
Sautee and season your beef while I remain raw,
They couldn’t fathom what they saw,
Thinking they rave more,
A straight, bate force we stay more,
Thoroughbred, too many on the fronting flex,
My troubled head reveals the realness,
You should ? instead,
Pathological hobbit,
Back representing it,
With magnum force my release is never tentative,
Duck down, I pop rounds of lyrical munitions,
Can’t fuck with the sound, pipe down and listen,



Welcome to the abattoir.
Dark Side Of The Boom

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